The Best German Dogs and best German Dog Names

Dogs had been living in Germany even before the Roman Empire time; that is thousands of years back. During that era also, dogs were domesticated by the people and were used for hunting, protection and herding. Because of these very reasons, keeping dogs as pet is still hugely popular in Germany and a lot of other countries too.

Around 100 years back, one of the most famous dog breeds was developed in Germany by the name German shepherd. This particular breed of dog is popular worldwide for its intelligence, loyalty and power. There are other breeds too beside German shepherds that are native to this country; they include the schnauzer, dachshund, weimeraner, poodle and some other too.

If you are looking for some popular German Dog names to name your dog, whether you are in Germany or just happen to be a fan of Germany, while living in some other country, we can give you some suggestions. You may be surprised to know that German people don’t always give German names to their pets and neither do they always name their children using only German names. Though there are some German dog names that are pure German, however, a lot of German pet owners use exotic English as well as many other non-German names too. If you look for dog names popular in Germany online, you would see that over 90 percent of names would be actually non-German.

Nevertheless, some of the most common German dog names include: Adal, Ediline, Einhardt, Elsie, Garron, Kerstin, Markell, Gabriele, Genivee, Han, Hariman, Hedda, Kunz, Landra, Luther, Margrit, Roland, Roth, Serhilda, Sigwalt, Tugenda, Ulrike, Vanda, Waldemarr, Warda, Werner, Wolfgang.

If you want to name your dog on some German celebrities, then some of the most common name in that category that German people use are: Goethe, Kafka, Freud, Sigmund, Mozart, Beethoven, Falco, Udo, Nena, Lindenberg, Obelix, Asterix, Kriemhild, Siegfried,  Idefix etc.

If you want to give your dog one good and meaningful word in German, then following might be some good options to choose from: Baldur (bold in English), Gerfried (peace/spear), Hugo (smart), Adelheid (noble one), Traude (trusted, dear), Blitz (fast).

And then you can choose one name from famous German movie characters also. Some good choices may be:  Strolch, Barbarossa, Silber etc.

Thus we see that choices are wide when it comes to giving a German name to your dog.  Everything would depend on which German name appeals to your ear most and suits the personality of your dog most.