German Dog Names

f you have recently added a new family member in the form of a dog, and want to give it a German dog name, we can help you with that. German shepherd is one dog variety that is considered to smartest breed of dogs in whole world. They are smart enough to be trained as police dogs to help them catch criminals and sniff out weapons and drugs. German shepherds are also extremely fun loving and friendly family pets.

German shepherd as the name suggests, has German origins, but is now found everywhere in the world. Likewise, in Germany people don’t have only this variety of dogs as pet, but you can find all kind of breeds that people keep as pet. If you are looking for one of the good German dog names, then you may be pleasantly surprised to know that there are many beautiful names that German people give to their dogs.

However, there are some simple guidelines that you should follow before you select one of the German shepherd names for your pet. One of the important instructions is that if you have brought a puppy home, it is definitely very cute and sweet, and you may be tempted to give it very cute name. However, remember that your dog is going to grow up, and then that cute sounding name may just not suit your grown up and adult dog.

If you have a dog like German shepherd that is going to grow as a large-sized dog, you should name it in a way that will always fit him. If you have got a breed of dog that will always look cut and adorable, then there is no harm in giving it a cute German dog name.

Here are some good German dog names  to choose from. I have categorized the names to make the job of choosing a name easier for you:

For Guard dogs:



For Law Enforcer dogs:





Other common German Dog Names

Earnest Abelardo Edward Ellery Garon Garry Garvyn Genoveva Hadu Hardy Hartman Haydn Heida Hewlitt Henrik Hida Irmine Hildagarde Isa Izaak Isole Jakob Jarmann Jantis Jolan Josefa Klaus Lambrecht Leoda Leonard Magnilde Malene Marilda Marlena Rolande Rossiter Rune Shianna Siegfried Tab Tibelda Tresa Ubel Uli Valborga Verena Walborgd Waldo Walt Waren Wendel Winifred Zacharia